"I see art as a manifestation of the Soul. Art heals by touching us and helping us communicate, and is a beautiful means of expanding our awareness."


Janet Cristenfeld's life has been an artistic and spiritual journey. After studying painting and photography at Smith College in Massachusetts, she moved to New York City where she continued to make and exhibit art. Her work has depicted the emotions, sensuality, and soul of human beings, particularly through the imagery of women. She has also rendered spiritual figures as an expression of consciousness and love.


"Nudes and portraits are forms of art where we reveal our naked, raw, authentic selves, without cover. Spiritual figures carry messages of love, forgiveness, and being true to your Divine Self. Painting and drawing is a way of immersing myself in the essence of those feelings and messages. The colors I choose for a particular figure are very natural and real to me, and as color is energy, that energy is always reflecting some aspect of our being."

Janet has exhibited in solo and group shows in the New York area, including the Parrish Museum in Southampton, NY, and in Washington, DC. She is a recipient of the 1994 Project Residencies Award from the Hillwood Art Museum, Brookville, NY, sponsored in part by the NY State Council on the Arts.

As she developed as an artist, Janet grew interested in spiritual and metaphysical teachings, and eventually became a spiritual healer. In 2003, her art and healing work blended together in a new form when she began receiving visions of symbols she named Souligraphy™. Janet is currently creating jewelry, drawings, paintings, and an art book of the symbols.  www.souligraphy.com